3D Physical Therapy

What Is Rehabilitation?
Walking your dog in a park. Dashing down a basketball court. Mowing your lawn. We usually don’t think about the great gift we have to move, bend, lift, throw or push without limitation. But an injury or illness can take away those abilities and suddenly everyday activities become extraordinary tasks.

Physical rehabilitation is the process of restoring and regaining physical strength and function. Physical rehabilitation can be used to help treat a simple ankle sprain or to help a stroke survivor walk, talk and eat again.

Physical Therapy Services

  • Specializing in 3D Functional Rehabilitation
    (Staffed by the ONLY Applied Functional Science Fellows)
  • Orthopaedic Injury and Post-Operative Therapies
  • Biomechanically Correct Spinal Rehab
  • Balance Re-Education Therapy
  • Core Mostability Training


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