David Cobb, PT, LAT, CSCS, FAFS

About David Cobb, PT, LAT, CSCS, FAFS

David Cobb was born in Springfield, Illinois. His family moved to West Lafayette when he was a mere 1 year old. He graduated from Harrison High School in 1986 and went to Indiana University School of Medicine where he received his BS in Physical Therapy in 1990. He went to Purdue University as a non-degree graduate student to study Athletic Training. He earned his NATA Certification as an Athletic Trainer in 1992. He co-founded and ran Lafayette Rehabilitation Services in 1992. He became an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 1998. In 1998, he launched AES - Athletic Enhancement Services which is a consulting business for training athletes to improve their athleticism.

In November 2007, he completed an 11 month Fellowship in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation. The experience was very powerful and changed his life in many ways. In June of 2008, he left Lafayette Rehab to pursue a dream of owning his own private practice.

On June 9th 2008, Miracles Rehabilitation - Lafayette/West Lafayette started doing business. To have the opportunity to shape and mold a new business with the fundamental principles of Applied Functional Science is truly priceless.

He has lectured on many topics over the years and provided mini-clinics to various organizations involving children and adults. In December of 2007, he organized and held the First 3D FUNctional Fitness Camp for children ages K-8th Grade. It was a blast! In 2008, he started a state wide seminar series for his peers called "Toes to Nose" educating other therapists and trainers on Applied Functional Science and Chain Reaction Biomechanics.

David has a beautiful wife, Amy (his junior high school sweetheart) and 2 boys, Logan and Luke. They are all his very best friends and he spends most of his spare time with them. They love to travel and one of their favorite spots is Disney. However maybe the most enjoyable family vacation they have ever taken was to Whistler BC, Canada to ski. It was absolutely beautiful and they all had a blast doing something they have never done before - ski.

David enjoys most sports, especially college basketball. March Madness is a favorite. He loves to go fishing with his dad and he is lucky enough to do this every April. He runs 3 days per week. He has somewhat of an addiction to starting his day off with a Starbucks mocha. He enjoys a good cigar especially when with friends. He loves the feel of a cool crisp morning when the sky is an amazing blue and taking a deep breath while realizing he is utterly blessed with so many things. Life is Good!